Performance and security for the innovation of financial institutions.

Financial and insurance institutions, with different states of progress, are in the middle of their Digital Transformation.

Financial stability and the reputation of financial and insurance institutions are now as important as the ability to provide innovative products and services guaranteed by high security standards to protect against cyber-attacks.

T Bridge supports the Business Transformation of the banking and para-banking market, aimed at reducing costs, improving productivity and creating lasting value.

Excellence drives transformation

T Bridge designs and implements solutions and services regarding FinTech and e-money, card payment processing (Issuing) and acceptance of payments by merchants (Acquiring), with particular attention to Information Security Management, Fraud Prevention and Cybersecurity.

The distinctive elements of the proposal concern strategic areas such as Cybersecurity, Cloud Computing, Robotics Process Automation, Big Data and Advanced Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Open Banking Platform.

Banks and insurance companies must evolve their business models, integrating the new Open Finance paradigms.

The digital use of services is an ongoing and irreversible process; financial institutions must guarantee simplification, speed and interconnection of the services offered, increasing customer trust.

At a national level, T Bridge presents itself as a qualified partner in the sector’s Digital Transformation.

Evolved ecosystems

T Bridge provides banks with a Cloud platform that encourages the evolution towards Banking as a Service (BaaS) and aims with determination at the creation of SaaS (Software as a Service) ecosystems.

The system services, which can be used in the Cloud by multiple users simultaneously, are able to offer high performance on different platforms, while maintaining the specificity and identity of each of them.

The solutions and services relating to Data Governance, Customer Experience, Digital Payments and Digital Lending, Wealth Management make it possible to satisfy the needs of a constantly evolving market.
satisfy the needs of a constantly evolving market. System Integration guarantees end-to-end coverage of the entire journey, from needs analysis to delivery.

Creating new offering models requires a variety of enabling technologies.


T Bridge boasts over twenty years of experience in the field of Offensive Security Services including:

Security Assessment Identification of vulnerabilities and fraudulent access scenarios to systems and infrastructures.

Social Engineering Phishing Simulation to verify staff awareness in recognizing attacks and other dangerous activities.


Through qualified partners, T Bridge offers several services, such as surety management, onboarding, financial operations and messaging.

Applied to banking processes, Blockchain technology ensures the tracking of each step and the visibility of information exclusively to authorized parties.

The result is a drastic reduction in the probability of attack and intrusion. The damaged data is restored thanks to the redundancy of the network, therefore ensuring the integrity and continuity of the processes involved.

AI e Business Analytics

T Bridge offers methods and strategies to analyse data, while maximizing its value.

By supporting controls and predictive assessments AI allows the strengthening of Service Desks with fully automated first-level responses.

The design and implementation of Business Analytics, which uses the main Business Intelligence tools or ad hoc written algorithms, allows the statistical study of the information that is available to financial institutions, while highlighting strengths and weaknesses and facilitating the adoption of corrective initiatives.

Digital Payment

Digital payments are evolving in a logic of interoperability between the various market segments, allowing access to an immediate, simplified and usable OnLife ecosystem.

Thanks to its experience gained alongside the main market players, T Bridge represents a reference point in the strategic design and implementation of new services.

T Bridge supports the design of products and services by managing all phases of the software life cycle: from architecture to functional and technical examination, from development to operational management.

Technological evolution, safety and regulatory knowledge are essential qualities in this sector.

Software Transformation and Modernization

T Bridge has adopted open APIs that allow platforms to exchange information with other applications, exogenous and endogenous, FinTech and InsurTech, to create interconnected ecosystems that respond to users’ requests to have all the information they need available in real time.

Low-Code & Digital Platform

Solutions that drastically reduce the amount of manual programming and increase the speed of development, while maintaining the quality and security of the software produced. The use of Low-Code platforms simplifies process modelling, adapting them to users’ needs, for the rapid use of information.

The evolution of Data Governance towards the SaaS model passes through the adoption of these tools, which allow clients to build customized views at low maintenance costs.

360° consultancy and support

T Bridge’s offer is divided into management consultancy and strategic positioning of processing systems as well as generalized support for the implementation of solutions, time material and “turnkey”, through all phases of the software life cycle.

More specifically, T Bridge is able to perform:

– Feasibility studies for the activation of new products and services within international payment systems (debit and credit).

– Design of functional architectures of payment systems (card request channels, card personalization and production, authorization system, international clearing, cardholder reporting, debits, etc.).

– Organizational and technological sizing (personnel, hardware/software infrastructure).

– Functional analysis and detailed analysis of the applications and technological infrastructures to be implemented.

– Implementation of application and technological solutions.

– Test, trial and delivery of the solutions created.

– Project and Program Management.

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