New frontiers of sustainability to advance the sector’s ecosystem.

T Bridge develops transport planning projects at a national and European level, together with the modelling of transport systems through the use of simulation software, by using engineers who are experts in transport systems planning and modelling.

T Bridge offers a wide range of services in the sector of sustainable mobility and automotive, rail and maritime local public transport and provides its expertise regarding the development of studies and plans at different territorial scales.

Thanks to its resources, T Bridge is able to ensure in-depth technical-specialist skills in the mobility and public transport sector. The company indeed collaborates with companies and public administrations all-over Italy and in Europe to create innovative services and systems.

Integrated and innovative solutions in various domains

Thanks to the know-how T Bridge has acquired while participating in European programs for research and transnational cooperation, the company designs and implements mobility solutions, by using methods and tools for Intelligent Transport System, Simulation Models and Big Data.

It offers decision support with mobility simulation tools at a macro, micro and pedestrian level and carries out studies and consultancy for the governance and the National Transport planning

Technological and economic studies regarding smart infrastructures are added to the technical-economic feasibility projects for the strengthening of local railway systems.
T Bridge carries out research plans on mobility at both a European and National level, monitoring road accidents and analysis of origin/destination matrices and traffic models.
It offers services focused on the regulation, planning and design of the local rail transport service and in the air transport sector, aimed at regulatory bodies, airport management companies and operators.

Strategies and Governance

T Bridge works in close collaboration with their clients in terms of strategy and governance, providing specialized assistance in the field of

– Governance and service management models.

– Strategic and industrial plans.

– Business Plan and products/services.

The company boasts many years of experience in reorganizing and reviewing the processes of companies operating in the sectors of Local Public Transport and Logistics, while providing assistance also in terms of strategic and operational marketing aimed at the development of business plans for Project Financing interventions.


T Bridge has always been present in the market of assistance to the Public Administration in relation to specialist support in terms of regulations of local public transport services by car, railway and maritime, both at a local and regional level.

It boasts more than twenty years of experience in the design of technical and administrative documents, which are functional to the assignment of Local Public Transport services with a public tender procedure, in compliance with national and European sector legislations and the recommendations provided by the Authority of Transport Regulation.

T Bridge provides support to the Public Administration for the management of Local Public Transport service contracts, for the management of monitoring and economic-financial reporting of the services provided with compensation by using technical-economical simulation tools and other tools that check the effectiveness, efficiency and quality of services.

Planning and Programming

In terms of the planning and programming of services, T Bridge has always promoted assistance projects for the Public Administration (Regions, Mobility Agencies, Metropolitan Cities, Provinces and large Municipalities), providing its experience for the analysis of mobility demand through technological solutions that involve the use of FCD (Float Car Dating) and Big Data (telephone data).

It plans and defines the CDs. “Minimum services” of LPT in the automotive, railway and maritime sectors through a widespread design of services and the use of specific simulation models of LPT networks, also functional to the design of railway timetables.

T Bridge provides assistance for the organization of territorial area plans (on different scales), the design of innovative services in local public transport and sustainable mobility, the implementation of new pricing and ticketing systems, support in the field of info-mobility, IT systems, and e-government.

The company boasts great experience in corporate mobility management, with a strong specialization in the road safety sector.


In an increasingly competitive market, T Bridge supports the client’s technological development in all sectors, by encouraging their constant growth and the achievement of business objectives.

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